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Lease Turn-in Options


Option 1:   Purchase your leased Toyota. 

Great choice!  Due to Toyota's high standards and reputation for durability, many of our customers choose to buy their vehicle at the end of the lease term.  You have driven and serviced the vehicle so you know exactly what you are purchasing.  You can contact your salesperson or our Finance department at 1-(866) 259-0834 for assistance on exploring this option.

Option 2:   Turn in your leased Toyota for a new one.

Excellent!  Enjoy all the latest technology and accessories that come with a new vehicle.  Waite Toyota has been serving the Watertown area since 1966, offering a great selection of Toyota vehicles and providing an excellent customer experience.  Click here to view Toyota's latest specials or contact our Sales department at 1-(

 If you are simply looking to drop of your leased Toyota we can help.  Here are the steps:

    1. Turn your vehicle in at our Sales department (18406 U.S. Route 11, Watertown NY  13601)  and ask for the Finance Manager.

    2. Sign a New York State odometer statement verifying the actual mileage and that the odometer has not been tampered with.

    3. Shortly after you turn in your leased vehicle an independent inspection company will inspect your vehicle and report to Toyota Financial Services the condition of the vehicle.

    4. Please be advised that you may be charged for excess mileage above your contract and/or excessive wear and tear.  Any such charges are not levied by Waite Toyota, but by the leasing Bank.  Click here to view Toyota Financial Services wear and use guidelines.


Option 3:   Extend your current lease.

 Please contact Toyota Financial Services at 1 (800) 874-8822.
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